EHP Congress ‘Building Blocks for Humanist Education’: Accommodation

Attendees can book a number of rooms especially reserved for the congress. These bookings need to be done by the guests themselves, but by mentioning the EHP congress you will get a special price.

Rooms are reserved until exactly one month before the congress starts (13th of September). After this deadline, the deal expires.

Rooms have been reserved for 14th and 15th of October, but anyone who wishes to book an extra night on the 13th can do so at the same rates.

Of course anyone is also free to book other options (hotel, B&B, Air B&B…) independently.


Standard 1 person room: 89 euro per night

Standard 2 person room: 89 euro per night p.p.

Superior 1 person room: 109 euro per night

Superior 2 person room: 109 euro per nacht p.p.

Breakfast & WIFI is included

City tax excluded: additional 2.40 euro per night p.p.



Theater Hotel

Arenbergstraat 30

B-2000 Antwerpen

Phone +32 3 203 54 10

Fax +32 3 233 88 58