European Humanist Professionals (EHP) aims to support and connect humanist professionals and service organisations across Europe. Professional humanists include educators, celebrants, counselors and staff members of humanist organisations, whether they get paid for their work or not.

Humanist educators

work at all levels of education, including primary and secondary schools, universities and training institutes. The most common areas of work are ethical, moral and social education.

Humanist counsellors/chaplains/pastoral carers

support people with existential questions and needs from a humanist perspective. They can be found in hospitals, prisons, universities, the armed forces, homes for the elderly or specific centres for humanist services.

Humanist ceremony officiants/celebrants

conduct or support humanist ceremonies for births, coming of age, weddings, funerals…

Staff members

of humanist organisations include managers, administrators, project directors, journalists and media spokespeople.