First humanist remembrance ceremony in Antwerp (Belgium)

Belgium has a strong history in secular humanist ceremonies, especially funerals. Even in the 19th century secular funerals and confirmations were provided/officiated by the freethinkers societies of that time. Since then naming and wedding ceremonies have also become more and more popular and mainstream.In Flanders another popular humanist ceremony is the remembrance service. Several flemish centres for humanist services provide a yearly remembrance ceremony for people who have recently lost a loved one.
In 2014, such a ceremony was organised for the first time in Antwerp by huisvandeMens Antwerp. More than 150 people attended the ceremony and it was designed and executed in collaboration with a host of volunteers. The ceremony comprised comforting texts, live music, a fitting ritual and afterwards some cake and coffee. The day was a great success and all of the staff and volunteers at huisvandeMens Antwerp were delighted and overwhelmed by the positive responses of the large number of participants – see pictures below –  (Pictures by Nils Vandevijvere)


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EHP on Facebook

Great news! EHP has started a closed facebook page so European humanists, active in humanist services, can share and exchange information, tips, questions etc. To become a member of the group simply apply at Be sure to mention which humanist organisation you are a member of. A link to the page can be found HERE.

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International Congress: Building Blocks for Humanist Education (13th-16th October 2016, Antwerp, Belgium)

EHP is proud to organise an international congress on humanist education, in October 2016. The congress will take place in the beautiful city of Antwerp, a cradle for humanism and free thought in Europe. Belgium also has a longstanding history and lots of experience in the field of humanist education and ethical courses. With this congress we hope to bring together professionals from various sectors who are interested in humanism and education - teachers already teaching, teachers in training, people who would like to ignite humanist courses in their country etc. Feel free to contact us at if you have anymore questions.



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Exchange program humanist chaplaincy (The Netherlands)

The Dutch Humanist Association and the University of Humanistic Studies, in cooperation with EHP will be hosting a conference on Humanist Chaplaincy in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The aim of the conference is to exchange and enhance knowledge on Humanist Chaplaincy and to provide participants with strategic knowledge on how to set up Humanist Chaplaincy within organizations in Health Care, Military and Prisons. Special attention is paid to actually experiencing methodologies and discussing various sources of inspiration.

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