Exchange program humanist chaplaincy (The Netherlands)

The Dutch Humanist Association and the University of Humanistic Studies, in cooperation with EHP will be hosting a conference on Humanist Chaplaincy in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The aim of the conference is to exchange and enhance knowledge on Humanist Chaplaincy and to provide participants with strategic knowledge on how to set up Humanist Chaplaincy within organizations in Health Care, Military and Prisons. Special attention is paid to actually experiencing methodologies and discussing various sources of inspiration.The program includes following workshops and excursions.
Wednesday 18th November
14.00 – 19.00
- Welcome
- Introductory Workshop: dialogue session – overview of Humanist Chaplaincy in Participant’s Countries
- Closing drinks
Thursday 19th November
9.30 – 21.00
- Methodology, Skills and Competences
- Chaplaincy in Belgium
- Rituals and Ceremonies
- Dinner
Friday 20th November
9.30 – 17.00
- The Humanist Chaplain within Organizations
- Strategic Considerations relating to the setting up of Humanist Chaplaincy in Health Care, Military and Prisons
Saturday 21st November
9.30 – 19.00
- Field Trips
- UMC Utrecht, Utrecht Academic Medical Centre and
- Beukbergen, Military Training Centre
- Dinner
Sunday 22nd November
9.30 – 13.00
- Through a Narrative Lens: ‘How to Present Yourself as a Humanist Chaplain’ / ‘How to present the Humanist Chaplain to organizations’
- Wrapping up of the Conference
Price: €195,- This price includes 3x lunch, 2x dinner, 1x drinks

If you wish to preregister, please contact us at

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