WEBINAR: ‘Interlifestance dialogue in education’

EHP WEBINAR: ‘Interlifestance dialogue in education’ (Level 1, beginners/introductory)
A fascinating introduction to the concept of interlifestance dialogue and interlifestance living together in Flanders.

A lifestance identity develops through contact with other lifestances. In 2022, the ideological variation is present in many class groups, making the school a mirror of society in this area.
Entering into a dialogue with the different local lifestances and religions is one of the challenges in education.

During this webinar we will go deeper into what this interlifestance dialogue can be: What, why, how is interlifestance dialogue in education?
What are the challenges, benefits, points of attention in interlifestance dialogue in education.

Participation is free. Register here: https://forms.gle/qHrosZ6pVXAEvnBF7

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