WEBINAR: Humanist chaplaincy/counseling: methodology

In succession to the online meeting last december, EHP will host a new webinar.

The webinar, hosted by Anouk Bolsenbroek  of the University of Humanistics, will explore the work of the late Jan Hein Mooren on humanist chaplaincy and its methodology. This webinar was supposed to be given in december last year, but on that day Jan Hein tested positive for Covid 19 and a few days later sadly he passed away. He will be missed, but his work and legacy remains with us.

The webinar can be useful for (humanist) chaplains, both experienced and beginning, but also for those who are otherwise interested, or developing humanist services. After the webinar you will receive some usefull (translated) literature.

Please register at info@humanistprofessionals.eu

(NOTE: starting hour is European Time)

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