EHP Day World Humanist Congress 2023

European Humanist Professionals workshops:

At your humanist service!
Inspiration and training day for celebrants, chaplains and educators

On Thursday 03 August 2023 the European Humanist Professionals (EHP) have organised, for all delegates to the World Congress, a full day devoted to humanist services.

Time: 09:00-16:00. Location: Kulturhuset Union, Nørre Allé 7, Copenhagen

This practical and hands-on day will consist of the sharing of best practice from European Humanist Professionals working in the fields of education, ceremonies and chaplaincy and will allow delegates to experience and explore humanist services in action.


Main workshops

1. Education -The Berlin Experience

2. Experiencing Humanist Chaplaincy – The Flemish Experience

3. Name Giving – The Icelandic Experience

4. Interlifestance Dialogue – The UK Experience


Smaller workshops:

1. Weddings  – The Scottish Experience

2. Expressing Humanist Values – The Flemish Exerience

3. Storytelling and narrative methods – The UK Experience

4. Confirmations – The Norwegian Experience


The workshops will appeal to participants who are interested in humanist services and want to learn more! …and maybe get inspired to develop professional humanist services in your own locality?  There also will be ample opportunity to network with fellow practitioners and share professional experiences and approaches…should be fun!

Fuller information and registration details will be sent out by Humanist International in a mail out in April. In the meantime save the date and feel free to contact us if you require further details:  info@humanistprofessionals.eu

See you in Copenhagen on 03 August 2023!

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