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Support and connect humanist professionals across Europe, by stimulating exchange and providing valuable information and training options.


To help build awareness, quality and strong networks regarding humanist services and by doing so helping the advancement of humanist values and principles in general.

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EHF Conference + IHEU GA 2016 (May 20-22, Malta)

The European Humanist Federation will hold their General Assembly on Friday 20th May and the Malta Humanist Association will hold a conference on Saturday 21st May. We hope that many of you will choose to attend all three events and enjoy a weekend of humanist networking, debates, discussions and socialising in a sunny and relaxed environment.

Also the IHEU General Assembly 2016 will take place on Sunday 22nd May 2016, in Valletta, the beautiful fortress city and capital of Malta.

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International Congress: Building Blocks for Humanist Education (13th-16th October 2016, Antwerp, Belgium)

EHP is proud to organise an international congress on humanist education, in October 2016. The congress will take place in the beautiful city of Antwerp, a cradle for humanism and free thought in Europe. Belgium also has a longstanding history and lots of experience in the field of humanist education and ethical courses. With this congress we hope to bring together professionals from various sectors who are interested in humanism and education - teachers already teaching, teachers in training, people who would like to ignite humanist courses in their country etc. Feel free to contact us at info@humanistprofessionals.eu if you have anymore questions.



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