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To help build awareness, quality and strong networks regarding humanist services and by doing so helping the advancement of humanist values and principles in general.

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Summer School 2020: Advancing Humanist Chaplaincy

European Humanist Professionals, the Dutch University for Humanistics and the chaplaincy of de Dutch Humanist Union are proud to invite you to a special summer school on humanist chaplaincy

The focus of this summer school will be:

- exchange of knowledge and experience about how humanist chaplaincy can be organized, and is yet organized in different countries.

- today’s moral issues and questions chaplains have to deal with

- how different countries interpret humanistic values of the humanistic lifestance in chaplaincy.

- lectures and practical’s on subjects that handle the daily practice  of humanistic chaplaincy such as moral counselling and creating secular rituals.  (final content will follow)

- visiting some work fields of the humanistic chaplaincy in the Netherlands.

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